Am I Helping or Hurting My Community?

by harry on May 31, 2013

My goal is to provide you and me  with the ideal environment and resources for us to make your impact on the world (or at the very least my and your worlds).

So, Harry (you may ask), did you know that the people around you shape who you are?

Of course you do. If you don’t check out this article on  “recidivism”.
Here is a quote from that website: “Sixty-seven percent of former inmates released from state prisons in 1994 committed at least one serious new crime within the following three years.”

Now why do you think 67% of inmates who get out of state prisons (in 1994) are rearrested? Well, let me say that, while this is a complex issue, the prisoners I talk to through the Bill Glass Prison Ministry continue to tell me that it is the people they hang around.

Am I helping friends? So I ask them what are you going to do? They have all said something like, “find new friends.”

This is what I wrote about yesterday. If someone is bringing me down, I need to find a new friend. Just don’t call or text that person again and they will slowly fade out.

But let me flip that coin and ask this question:

What kind of Friend am I? Be honest Harry.

I know that my friends, family, and associates (my community) are either helping me or hurting my success. (I guess a few are neutral.) So, what kind of friend am I? Am I helping my community or am I hurting my community?

Am I helping my friend lose 20 pounds, work out at the YMCA, or operate your online business? Am I a support network that helps my friends make their dreams possible?  Am I willing to hold my friends feet while he does sit ups?

Give some real honest thought to my surroundings…
Look around me now, right now. Think about who I have spent the most time with in the past few days – or maybe a week. Maybe even the past year or two, or maybe even the last decade.

When was the last time I ate with a group of people that I am fully opened up to – and felt comfortable being who I really are? (Now, this is difficult by itself for us guys.)

When was the last time I hung out with friends over coffee, beer or tea and listen to a friend share his latest crazy idea? Did I hear them respond with thoughts of appreciation for my encouragement and share his sadness for my ridicule of his ‘ridiculous’ plan?
What about the last time I run or workout with someone in my community? Did they leave me buzzing with inspiration, ideas and possibility of their online business?

Really think about the result of your interactions with your community, Harry. How often do you inspire others?
How often am I really supporting, accepting, encouraging, inspiring, invigorating, or empowering to the folks that I hang with?
When was the last time my friend or brother’s idea was ridiculed, laughed at, mocked or scorned by ME?

Stop for a minute and think about the network of people I have in my life. Think about those people that I get to interact with on a day-to-day basis. Be honest, Harry.

Is this the way I want to live?

Am I proud of my community and how I support them?

Am I allowing my friends, family, and associates to have the power, influence, or online business they want to have?
Getting this right will change everything. It starts with recognizing where I am, who I am helping you, and who I want to be.

I cannot change anyone else but me. I commit to making some changes in my community my being a better friend. Lifting my community up rather than letting them down. I commit today.

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