Are Your Family and Friends Helping or Hurting You?

by harry on May 29, 2013

My goal is to provide you  (and me) with the ideal environment and resources for you to make your impact on the world.  

So, did you know that the people around us shape who we are?

Of course you did.  You know that your friends, family, and associates (your community) will either help you to change the world or cause the world to collapse on your shoulders.

In order to do anything meaningful such as lose 20 pounds, work out at the YMCA, or operate your online business you are capable of doing, you must have a support network that helps make it possible.

So I want to challenge you to ask the most difficult question anyone can ask themselves: Are Your Family and Friends Helping or Hurting You?
Are your friends encouraging you?

 Give some real honest thought to your surroundings…

Look around you now, right now. Think about who you have spent the most time with in the past few days – or maybe a week.  Maybe even the past year or two, or maybe even the last decade.

When was the last time you had ate with a group of people you fully opened up to – and felt comfortable being who you really are?  (Now, this is difficult by itself for us guys.)

When was the last time you hung out with friends over coffee, beer or tea (for you sophisticated guys) and shared your latest crazy idea?  Did you hear them respond with thoughts of encouragement and share their own ‘ridiculous’ plans?

What about the last time you run or workout with someone in your community?  Did they leave you buzzing with inspiration, ideas and possibility of your online business?

Really think about the result of your interactions with your community. How often are you inspired?

How often do you feel really supported, accepted, encouraged, inspired, invigorated, or empowered by the folks that you hang with?

Do you want to think about the other side of this coin?.

When was the last time your idea was ridiculed, laughed at, mocked or scorned by the people around you? Maybe you didn’t even bring the idea up because you feared how the people around you would react.  Which is worse?  Hearing the ridicule or fear of hearing the ridicule?

Stop for a minute and think about the network of people you have in your life.  Think about those people that you get to interact with on a day-to-day basis. Be honest.

Is this the way you want to live?  Are you proud of your community and how the support you?

Are your friends, family, associates and your surroundings allowing you to have the power, influence, or online business you want to have? Or are they keeping your business or influence from having a chance at happening in the first place?

Getting this right will change everything.  It starts with recognizing where you are, who is helping you, and what you want.

Commit to making some changes in your community, commit today.

(One more commitment – committ to read tomorrow’s post!)

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