My Interest

Like you, I have a variety of interest.  But why tell you?  I mean like, why do you want to know about Harry Farrar?

This is not about me.   It is about us and what you want and need.  What you need is what age and experience brings; wisdom and knowledge.

What I have learned can help you.

  • Money– While I do have a full time job, I have learned to make money on the Internet.  Are you interested?  Here is my most successful business.  Contact me if you want to know about my other sites.
  • Employment – While I do have a job now, I have learned the secrets to finding a job.  Are you interested?  Ask me about my “31-Day Job Search Advisor”.
  • Evolution – While I use to believe in evolution, I went to engineering school and learned that evolution violates many laws of nature.  Are you interested?
  • Diabetes – While I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2, I have learned how to reverse it.  Are you interested?
  • Health – As I have gotten older, I realize that I need to stay in shape and keep my muscules toned.

Well, if you are interested in any of the knowledge I have picked up over the years, check out any of the links above.

Remember, if you come across me or a product that I represent, let me know what you think because if you are not satisfied, I need to do something.